Multispecies Care Survey at Wave Hill

The EPA was in residence at the Wave Hill Winter Workspace from Jan 2 – Feb. 15, 2020. The 6-week artist in residence included fieldwork research, open studios and a procession of a performative walk (by EPA agent andrea haenggi) with human and plant participants. EPA agents andrea haenggi and Catherine Grau led efforts to pilot a new project, the Multispecies Care Survey which will debut at the Old Stone House on April 18, 2020. A special thanks to all the Workspace artists in the residence: LoVid Hinkis-LapidusEzra BenusLinda Lauro-Lazin, Stephanie J.Alvarado and Kymia Ricky Kremit Nawabi-Yalkin, the Wave Hill plants, gardeners and to Jennifer McGregor and Jesse Firestone for providing a space for our artist practice to grow with love and support.