Fall 2020

NODE Forum for Digital Arts

Summer 2020

moss Summer Camp

Spring 2020

May 9, 4 – 5pm. Multispecies Care Circle. Click here to learn more.

The Multispecies Care Survey is now launched as part of Regeneration in Place at the Old Stone House.

Winter 2020

Winter Workspace Residency at Wave Hill.

Fall 2019

Climate Strike NYC

Spring 2019

NurtureART ExhibitionThe Department of Human and Natural Services. On view April 20 – May 19.

EPA Embodied Scientist Training

May 4, 2019 | 2 – 3:30pm @ NURTUREart

EPA Embodied Scientist Training is a call to participate in a multispecies coalition of embodied scientists, activists, and spontaneous plants who are re-imagining federal policy and agency in the face of imminent climate crises and mass extinction. Suit up to embark on a DIY fieldwork training in the heart of Bushwick. The workshop will depart from NURTUREart and take place outside in the streets, bringing people into a close up experience with spontaneous urban plants. No experience necessary; all bodies welcome!

Embodied Scientist Parkour @ Rising Waters
May 10 – 11, 2019 @ University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (PPEH)

The EPA will be performing at the the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities (PPEH) convening “Teaching and Learning with Rising Waters”. We’ll be presenting our Embodied Scientist Parkour project on May 10th at 10:30am at the Grey’s Ferry Crescent Trail in Philadelphia, PA. Learn more

The Multispecies Waterfront: An EPA Field Study
June 8, 2019 | 2-4 PM @ Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, NY

Join the EPA for a performative field study exploring the agency of spontaneous urban plants (aka weeds) found in and around the surrounding borderlands of Socrates Sculpture Park. Through a series of embodied science practices and movement scores that draw from the wisdom of weedy plants and feral landscapes, we’ll explore the East River’s edge and the nearby ecotones of Costco and Hallet’s Cove Park. Participants will learn movement-based strategies for multi species communication, meditate on the resilience of marginal ecosystems, and experiment with field science practices for a world beyond human. No previous experience needed, all are welcome! Learn more

Fall 2018

This Fall the EPA is excited to work with The Penn Program in Environmental Humanities (PPEH) on their Ecotopian Toolkit initiative to explore the complexity of urban waters and “what it might mean to face contemporary ecological challenges with critically attuned and creatively oriented tools.” As 2018 fellows, EPA will be developing a project called, Embodied Scientist Parkour: A series of site-specific scores for practicing multi-species research and being in a world beyond human. Stay tuned for more details and updates on upcoming workshops and events in Philadelphia!

Summer 2018

The EPA’s web platform OnBehalfOf.Life will be featured in the upcoming Wave Hill exhibition, Ecological Consciousness: Artist as Instigator, which examines the ways artists engage in ecological projects that present a call to action. The opening for the show is July 1, 2018, and the EPA will lead a workshop at the Glyndor Gallery on August 2, 2018 at 6pm.

Spring 2018

The EPA will be participating in Open Engagement at the Queens Museum, May 11–13, 2018. Our workshop Plant Talk Human Talk: An EPA Training for the Beginning of the World will be on May 13th at 3pm. For more info click here.

The EPA will be featured in an exhibition at Transformer in Washington DC, May 5 – June 13. We’ll be organizing movement workshops, performances and a Weedy Resistance walk on the National Mall. For more info click here.

Fall 2017

October 28, 2017 | 2-5pm
Want to better understand and sense your federal environmental bureaucracy, the US EPA*? Join us for an afternoon of participatory research at the Environmental Performance Agency** headquarters in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. (More Info)

November 18, 2017 | 10am – 6pm
The workshop will introduce participants to the world of sound art, while providing techniques for making tools for creating these experiences. This will include the fabrication of hand-made microphones and amplifiers for use in installations, performances, and scientific research. The goal of the workshop is to take these tools into the field and use them for artistic investigation and public engagement.

December 1, 2017 | 5pm-12am

fertilizing fire circle is a night of embodied storytelling and performance invoking “a radical call for solidarity between humans and non-humans”*. This ritual celebration will mark the end of a 5 year lease at 1067 Pacific Street** in Crown Heights, Brooklyn — an urban lot turned urban weeds ecosystem through ongoing experimental art practices that led to the founding of the artist collective EPA – Environmental Performance Agency.

We invite you to listen and move with us as we say goodbye to this land, acknowledge the agency of the urban weeds, and together fertilize relationships with land, food and (bio)diversity, while also experimenting with new narratives for decolonizing, healing, and belonging. All with the shared purpose of countering monocultures (burn it down!).

Beginning at dusk and continuing until midnight, fertilizing fire circle invites the audience to be part of making fire, keeping fire, cooking with fire, and building community around fire. Over the course of the evening the audience will be guided through performative narration and intimate encounters created by EPA artists Andrea Haenggi, Catherine Grau, Christopher Kennedy, Ellie Irons and invited guests and storytellers. (More info)

September 23, 2017 | 10-5pm
A cross-disciplinary gathering bringing together artists, thinkers, scientists and others in the fields of urban ecology, art, dance, movement and performance to explore the possibility of embodied research, and the value of urban weeds as collaborators, guides and mentors. (More Info)

Each Improv Jam explores sensorial, bodily and affective situations where the human cellular body and plant cellular body is a site for inquiry for movement, research and dance that supports a world beyond human.

Select Sundays, 2-5pm:
December 10 | TBA
November 12 | Emergent Strategy with Kimberly Reinhardt
October 8 | Making Time For Soil with Moira Williams (More Info)
September 10 | Somatic Support Structures in Times of Crisis (More Info)
August 13 | Urban Weeds Guide to Border Crossing (More Info)
July 9 | CRACK the Patriarchy (More Info)
June 11 | Decolonize (More Info)

Summer 2017

August 19-20th, 2-8pm
July 15-16th, 2-8pm
June 17-18th, 2-8pm

June 4th, 5-6pm
Join us for the opening of the EPA headquarters in Crown Heights at 1067 PacificPeople. We will collectively cut the ribbon, explore the urban weeds community garden and officially open the EPA research space, which will host artistic projects throughout the summer and fall. Drinks to follow after the ceremony (BYOB please!) and for informal discussions of the proposal to dismantle the US EPA, the Paris Climate Accord, local/regional issues, and how this will impact our shared home. Download Press Release (PDF)