Weedy Resistance

Weedy Resistance is a salon-style discussion series exploring what plants and ecological systems can teach us about political resistance and cultural intervention. What can we borrow from our multispecies neighbors? How can we cultivate truly reciprocal human and non-human relationships? What do we miss in our ongoing “plant blindness”?

The series brings together scientists, artists, designers, activists and others to share tactics for building flexible and resilient forms of organizing, teaching, creating, and living together that also consider biocultural threats to our shared commons. Urban plants adapting their seed dispersal strategies, mushrooms that eat oil spills, and shellfish that thrive in superfunded waterways are just a few examples. The series also critically engages the concept of the Anthropocene, inviting new interpretations for generating hope, possibility, and biocultural restoration in our current geological and environmental moment. For more info visit: https://weedyresistance.tumblr.com/