The EPA is headquartered at 1067 PacificPeople.

1067 PacificPeople -> About us:

1067 PacificPeople is a five-year social-ecological movement-based art project by artist and choreographer Andrea Haenggi in collaboration with writer Robert Neuwirth. In 2013 Haenggi and writer Robert Neuwirth signed a 5-year lease for 1067 Pacific Street, a former auto-repair garage with a 1900 Sq Ft vacant lot in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The socially and ecologically engaged research and performance artwork, with its many public encounters, turned from a rented garage and lot into an urban weeds ecosystem and as well into the co-founding of the artist collective Environmental Performance Agency (EPA) in March 2017.

• to find LOVE in this contaminated urban feral landscape
• if you enter the LAND of 1067 Pacific Street, you shape the artwork
• the PLACE, 1067 Pacific Street, is the artwork itself
• the artwork is the studio for Haenggi’s movement-based artist PRACTICE
• to find an aesthetic in rawness and LABOR
• in search of AGENCY for nonhuman life forms
• to question VALUE in all its economic and philosophic meanings

Learn more at www.1067pacificpeople.nyc