Excerpts from The Hidden Life of Trees (Language, Social Security), Peter Wohlleben (Download PDF)
Anna Tsing’s More than Human Sociality (Download PDF)
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Weed Heart Bibliography by Jill Sigman (Download PDF)
Excerpt on biocultural/reciprocal restoration from Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass (Download PDF)
Loving the Anthr*pocene, Noah Theriault
Lies of the land: against and beyond Paul Kingsnorth’s völkisch environmentalism, Out of the Woods Collaborative
The Wild, Sweet Life of New York City, Brandon Keim
lowlands—Small-Scale and Nimble Projects that Create Resilient and Just Cities, by Elliott Maltby in The Nature of Cities
Decolonizing Nature – Center for Creative Ecologies, T.J. Demos (Download PDF)
The Flora of the Future, Peter Del Tredici
The Companion Species Manifesto, Donna Haraway (Download PDF)