Urban Weeds Community Garden Mapping: day 1

EPA explores the eastern half of Pacific Street, extending the Urban Weeds Community Garden to include the MTA island and Luck Garden.

A process of Radical Care Sitting (pictured above) offers an inventory and extraction of waste so the plants can breathe and talk to us again.

radical care sitting

A field report from the EPA’s radical care sitter, andrea haenggi:

“The EPA’s neighbor Milton, who has a Truck Repair business, did not get a new lease from the landlord. After 15 years in business he was forced to move. He has found a temporary place but told us that this is not easy and he may have to leave New York. Milton loves plants and we decided to rescue one of his wild plants since we know the landlord will come with the bulldozers, as he did with the other yard, and concrete the place. We transplanted the plant to the EPA Urban Weeds Community Garden.”

Collective Weed Improvisation Jam: Seeds!

Ellie Irons leads the Weedy Improv group in learning about seeds from weedy species in the NYC area. Every 4th Tuesday of the month, the dance floor of the sanctuary of weedy species at 1067 PacificPeople becomes a learning lab for cross-pollinate weedy practices. The two and half hours is organized where one hour is a class facilitated by a rotating roster of Weed Facilitators and follows by an open score jam. All movement levels are welcome.

The Collective Weed Improvisation celebrates the idea of By By By Utopia to explore collective situations to improvise and play, movement as potential for healing and constructing social sculptures with humans and urban wild plants, we call weeds. We will begin by “planting” together.