Thanks to the Washington City Paper for featuring the EPA’s latest project The Department of Weedy Affairs.

“Of course, the point is to say that ours is the timeline that’s gone crazy, where elected officials have deleted all reference of climate change from official government platforms and rolled back dozens of common-sense standards for safeguarding our water and air. A good protest show might have made the point through biting satire. But Department of Weedy Affairs is rather joyful—or rather, it feels normal. The project imagines a nation that values and protects marginal ecosystems, which is to say, one that prioritizes environmental justice. A country in which this work is not just performed, but one in which it is boring—another given, like death and taxes.”

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At Transformer, a Solid Artistic Argument That We Should Replace EPA Leaders With Actual Weeds, by Kriston Capps. Washington City Paper (May 24, 2018).